Trench Rescue Courses


Trench Rescue for the first due truck


One Day, no prerequisite


Initial Shoring


This course was designed for departments that don't require a full trench rescue operations course, but want to provide some training to their members on trench or excavation emergencies. This could include a vehicle into a trench, a trench collapse, or an emergency in an excavation. We will cover trench hazards, resources required, and initial patient protection. This course is both in class and hands on and utilizes "best practice" panels and Paratech shoring. This course meets NFPA 1006 awareness level for trench rescue.








Trench Rescue Operations


Three Days, no prerequisite


Trench Rescue Operations



This is an NFPA compliant trench rescue operations course (NFPA 1006 2021 ed). We will cover trench rescue hazards, soil types, collapse patterns, shoring principals, and trench shoring for straight wall trenches. We will utilize "best practice" panels and Paratech shoring.









Trench Rescue Technician


Two Days, Operations level pre requisite


Trench Rescue Technician




This is an NFPA compliant trench rescue technician course (NFPA 1006, 2021 ed). We will build on the skills learning in the operations level course and include shoring for intersecting and deep wall trenches.





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