Structural Collapse Training


Structural Collapse for the First Due Truck


One Day, no prerequisite


Basic ShoringThis course teaches the fundamentals of shoring to mitigate emergencies that involve minor structural collapse. This includes vehicle into a building, cantilever collapse such as a deck, post fire shoring, roof collapse, etc. This course is a combination of in classroom and hands on training. This is an excellent course for departments that don't require a full structural collapse operations course, but want to provide training to their members to mitigate common emergencies that result in slight building collapse or instability. This course meets NFPA 1006 awareness level for structural collapse.



Structural Collapse Operations


Four Days, no prerequisite



This is an NFPA compliant structural collapse operations course (NFPA 1006, 2021 ed). We will cover building construction, collapse patterns, hazard identification, class 1 & 2 shoring, extrication techniques for wood frame and unreinforced masonry, lifting and moving, and more. If available we will include a Paratech shoring add on.





Structural Collapse Technician


Five Days, Operations level pre requisite


Concrete Breaking




This is an NFPA compliant structural collapse technician course (NFPA 1006, 2021 ed). We will cover advanced class 3 shoring, concrete cutting and breaking, concrete coring, structural steel cutting, and heavy rigging. 









USAR - Lift and Move Special


One Day, no prerequisite


Complicated Lifting


This is a course on lifting and moving heavy objects. We will cover tools such as air bags and hydraulic jacks, however we will focus on simple mechanical advantage systems like bars, incline planes, and rollers. We will also focus on cribbing systems and advanced cribbing.






USAR - Steel Cutting Special


One Day, no prerequisite


Cutting Heavy Steel




This is a course on cutting heavy and structural steel. Utilizing various steel cutting tools, but focusing on the Petrogen torch, the students will get hands on training on cutting principles and techniques.





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