About Us


PFS Ltd. is a company that was created out of the demand for progressive, effective fire department special operations training, consulting, and equipment. Above all else, our priority is to provide our partners with the absolute most progressive, current, and effective firefighting and special operations strategies and tactics through online and in person training, consulting, and equipment that was hand selected by the leaders in their disciplines.



Our Vision


That every fire department, regardless of composition or location, has access to progressive, effective, and current training in challenging disciplines like special operations, through flexible and financially competitive delivery models.



Who We Are



Cadre of Instructors


The cadre of instructors that work for PFS are all experts in their respective fields. We do not use the same instructors for all courses. Rather, we select the best in each discipline and allow them to develop and deliver the training that they are passionate about and experienced in. This means that no matter which course you ask PFS to deliver, you can feel confident that you are getting one of the top subject matter experts and your training will be current, effective, and progressive! PFS instructors are members of ISFSI.


Training Partnerships


PFS Ltd. has chosen to partner with some other training providers instead of redeveloping new courses. This is because we believe they are already the best in their discipline. Find some of these providers in the resource section of our webpage.


Equipment Manufacturer Partnerships


PFS Ltd. has partnered with certain manufacturers of equipment that we believe provide the most effective equipment available. We offer factory authorized training on some equipment and in some cases we are the only authorized training provider for that equipment in the province and/or country.